Moraldi, Spain 1961. 

Pictorial work fully and deeply Plastic, reflection of Art from the Art which doesn’t represent but it is and thus being present. 

Since 1992 I began to exhibit my works and this is the conclusion: 

My most important exhibitions have been in cities like: 
London, Paris, Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, The Hague, Bahrain, etc. 

I participated in the best World Art Fairs as: 
Brussels, Madrid, Strasbourg, Florence, etc. 

Awards and honorable mentions: 
Buenos Aires, Seville, Cordoba, Madrid, Zamora, Barcelona, Granada, Ciudad Real, etc. 

Works in Museums and Official Organizations: 
Museum of Contemporary Art Velez-Malaga, Malaga. 
Historical Museum of San Fernando, Cádiz. 
Water Museum, Boyaca, Colombia. 
Town Hall of Montigny-le- Bretoneux, Paris, France. 
Embassy of Spain in the Netherlands. 
Museum Cuzco, Peru. 
Taurine Museum of Chiclana, Cádiz. 
Palace of the Commune, Arosio. (Como, Italy). 
Art Museum of Mazatlan, Mexico



24    76-acrilico-sobre-lienzo-130-x-100-cm     bnh     cabinet-armario-146x130-cm-tecnica-mixta-3-750-e     img_1108