Born in August 1962 in Andalucía, Spain, more specifically in Martos, a village in the province of Jaen.

My passion for painting started since my childhood, being then a hobby for me.

In 1981 I did the first individual exhibition in my hometown and since then to 1990, when I finally decided to dedicate entirely and professionally at what I loved, I obtained a lot of awards and recognition that made me continue with art.

My painting is present in numerous museums, both nationally and internationally. The most important ones are in United States, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Cuba and Portugal.

In March 2006, I was named Member of the National Society of Fine Arts of Paris (SNBA) and in June of the same year I received the title of Superior Academic of the Italian Art´s Academic called GRECCI-MARINO.

My painting appears in important publications like: the international encyclopedic dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Art of Italia, dictionaries lik: Artists of 21st centur, 2007 Artistic Vanguard of Italy, the fourth volume of: Painters and Sculptures of 21st century, a cultural magazine called French arts Universe, some books: Approximation to Fine Arts on the threshold of 21st century, edited by Provincial Museum of Jaen and 2006-2007 artists edited by Cebriart Gallery of Barcelona.

I have taken part in numerous both national and international fair arts, including Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Salzburgo, Milan, Miami and Pekin.

Among the latest exhibitions, we can remark the Provincial Museum of Jaen, the galleries: “Zúccaro” and “EKA Y MOOR” from Madrid, “Alemi” from León, “ Nou-Milleni” from Barcelona.

The next proyect in which I am working to expose is the Artifact Gallery in Manhattan, New York.



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