Painter/ sculptor/ writer from Córdoba (Spain 1967). Autodidact in abstract art. Critic belonging to AICA (International association of critics of art).

Director of artists advertising of FAIM 2005 and artistical coordinator in 2008 and 2009 (Art fair in Madrid). Jury in artistical International events. He was Director of CIALEC (international center of art and literature `E. Córdoba´.) and ConectArte magazine.

In the last years the carreer path and appreciation of this artist has been increasing without stopping as we can see due to the recent homages in USA (Latino Art Museum de California), in Mexico (where he was given a prize by the governor of Sinaloa), Portugal (in theCámara Municipal in Oliveira do Bairro), in his own city, Córdoba, the group `Aires de Córdoba´ (January, 2013) and in the Palacio de la Merced by the council office, with an exhibition because of the 25th aniversary as a fine artist.

In 2013, a museum has been opened in his city with over 20 works created by himself. In May was inaugurated a museum with his name in Fuente Palmera (Hacienda/Palacete Timoteo, Córdoba).

More than 130 exhibitions have taken place in 21 countries with works in 30 museums and institutions from 11 nations and prizes in a lot of counties.

Director-coordinator of large publications such as: Ediciones Creadores I , II ,III y IV, Libro de Poetas 2004, 05, 06, 07 y 08,  Anuario 2005 de Arte Contemporáneo, Diccionario Internacional de Arte y Literatura 2006 y 2007, Ellas en el Arte, Panorama Artístico Cultural 2009Anuario de Arte y Cultura Contemporáneo 2010,  MACAMAires de Córdoba de Arte Moderno museum book),  Creadores V/Guía de Arte 2013. Author of poetry books called `Improvisaciones´.

Columnist and critic in art books, magazines and cultural websites in Mexico, Spain, Chile, USA, Japan and Argentine. 



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