She was born in Spain in 1969 although she has lived in Switzerland since 2011.

In 1988 she gets in contact with the world of art and design for the first time when she starts her studies of Styling. She continues her training in Drafstmanship in 1990 at the “Instituto Politécnico” of Valladolid.She devotes a great part of her career to this proffesssion and it wil lleave a strong geometric influence in her work.

In 2004 she decides to exhibit for the first time and it is since that moment when she dedicates all her time to art and to her evolution as an artist.

Her style is mainly developed in by material abstraction with compositions made with collage.

Throughout her trajectory she takes part in numerous exhibitions and international fairs, in countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, the USA, Iran, Singapore and Brazil. Also, her participation in events has been notable in outstanding museums such as: Carrousel du Louvre in Paris and Museo de las Américas in Florida. And in important institutions as the Mexican Embassy in California and Instituto de Cultura of Tijuana, Mexico.

She receives important prizes from the National Academy of Plastic Arts of Brazil, Société Nacionale des Beaux-Arts of Paris, Société Académiques dÁrts, Sciences et Lettres of Paris, among others and she is included in numerous publications of Art, both national and inernational.

She is the creator with the plastic artist Arroyo Ceballos of the “Europa Project” which is being developed now.



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