Poetry of timelessness.

Nakedness of a creative process.

Art is, as I see it, an articulation of languages in new ways of presentation of meanings, senses. As an artist I’m interested, above all, in the meaning acquired by the relationship between plastic or verbal statements. Our culture, due to more than 2.500 years of acceptance, is involved in the perceptive dimension of Tragedy and, therefore, also Comedy. Our current cinema has the same liturgical origin as it had the Greek theatre and, subsequently, the sacred representations of Christianism. That is, Tragedy as an expiatory way to experience suffering in unbearable extents in our heroes and, about our particular suffering, being nothing compared to the great emotional battles others have suffered. It’s the idea of art as a medicine calming our vital anxiety condition.

I always wondered about art and its function in a society that admires it and highlights it as culture, term that means “very important”, “our” and “legacy of what we are”. But, in the end, art and culture restrict to formulae managed by some elites who decide what is and what is not Culture in capital letters.

The dimension I’ve always worked with, as I lack the tragic emotion of life, is a limbic state where image is what simply is. My pieces are self-acting proposals which get placed in an expression level not only emotional but, above all, with high doses of perceptive effects inside timeless undramatised atmospheres. My main working method is playing with random issues so every piece of work is a unique different proposal. I face my speeches and poetry with two characters recreating my inner wishes and feeding what subsequently comes to light, Francesc Tagarí yMartín Sheego. They are my adventure in the conquest of poetry and the organization of my own thoughts in order to understand why my pieces have this calm distant timeless halo. As I stated, I lack the feeling of Tragedy, despite suffering and enjoying things like everyone else. I neither obey fashion nor trends and I go beyond tragedy and comedy, though I don’t hide it, as I consider art may be something else than Paracetamol. I hope my poetry takes you to an aesthetic experience, undramatized and warm.

My pieces are between a project born randomly and an indefinite final outcome… always unfinished, they present the story of something only painting may represent.

The added part of poetry and imaginary philosophy must be understood exclusively upon the experimentation level and the adventure of exploration of absolutely-not-orthodox speeches with which I practice and nurture my relationship play with my cognitive skills; it is by all means an honest stand of how my thought works and of what I intend to do with it. Like the ancient painters in Baroque, I’m interested in the reproduction of my work as an economic broadcasting of my proposals, not even the great artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Velázquez denied their pieces of art being divulged by reproductive means, as the original belonged to only one person and what they really wanted was their work was spread to the maximum art lovers possible.



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